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                           Mistik Askiwin Dendrochronology Laboratory

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University of Saskatchewan
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Saskatoon, SK S7N 5A8
tel. 306-966-3220
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Laboratory Mandate

The Mistik Askiwin Dendrochronology Laboratory (MAD Lab) was launched in the spring of 2014. The MAD Lab was formed to investigate tree-ring related research questions in many areas of Canada.  The first priority of the MAD Lab was to establish extensive tree-ring chronologies in the Atlantic region.  These chronologies form the foundation of various projects, from researching annually-resolved proxy climatic records for the Atlantic region, to dating historic structures in Maritime Canada. We now have moved on to extensive tree-ring work across all areas of Saskatchewan and Canada.
2014 University of Saskatchewan
Maintained by Colin P. Laroque
November 13, 2014